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Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Mesh is coming: testing on the Main grid has started, LL are feeding us snippets of information and those watching it draw nearer are getting excited / concerned / upset / indifferent.

But what exactly does it all mean for those of us who have only a passing interest in such things? What will be the impact on the consumers among us rather than the content creators? What are we going to be seeing, what do we need to be aware of?

There are a lot of very basic questions such as these that are being asked – some of which are, in fairness, addressed in the SL mesh wiki pages (albeit with a lot of techspeak) – so I thought I’d try to put together a very simple outline of some of the key aspects to it all.

Note that this is not in any way a technical discourse on…

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please consider joining me in this elite casting!

SL Fashion Shows & Events

This is invitation for FINESMITH March models casting.

  • create a look that says LOVE!
  • create a look that says ‘I LOOK WONDERFUL WEARING FINESMITH’
  • create a look that makes you look in love with FINESMITH.

* Think SPRING LOOKS and AVANT GARDE …. mixing it up is even better!

Using FINESMITH jewelry and beautiful outfit from SL designers, we are going to choose 7-10 models. The models chosen will be invited to FINESMITH models group. Anyone with modeling skills can participate. You will be asked to walk the runway and pose.

DATE: Sunday March 10th @ 1oam SLT

  • Please join the group: ~*FineSmith Jewelry*~
  • Please have FINESMITH main store in your Picks
  • Please prepare a note card with your resume and styling card.  Give it to the runway manager when you arrive to cast.

Can’t wait to see you
LOVE & Happiness
Yula Finesmith

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