Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Stories at the Park - Holly Kai Park Stories at the Park – Holly Kai Park

Over the last few months, it is has been my pleasure to re-launch Art at the Park at Holly Kai Park, expanding the programme of art and events there, whilst also gradually redeveloping parts of the park.

One of our other recent introductions at the Park has been Stories at the Park, which is run in partnership with Seanchai Library. Each month, writers and storytellers are invited to visit the park and select pieces of art featured in our current Art at the Park series and write either a 100-word work of fiction (referred to as a “drabble”) or a 100-word poem about each piece, which can then be read live in Voice, either by the author or by a member of the Seanchai team, during Stories at the Park events.

The next Stories at the Park event will take place…

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